About Us

GLS Story

The Ground Level School (GLS) is a humble initiative started by a group of lawyers and professionals based in and out of Pakistan in order to unlock the talent of those bright stars whose talent can extinguish and may go unnoticed without this support.

As a means of giving back to society, and securing the future of the kids hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, the GLS team decided to join hands to give the children a better tomorrow and play our part in uplifting the future of Pakistan. GLS is a charity school where kids are provided premium quality education and access to co-curricular activities.

Our Mission

The most difficult task for today’s educationists is to cope with the speed of industrial advancement and to design syllabus for children which should be useful in the near future. That time had gone when a tractor driver’s skill used to live for 40 years. Now Artificial Intelligence-driven Machines are taking over human job talents. All types of jobs are under threat, particularly those jobs that are repetitive and low-skill. It’s on the horizon that the following jobs will soon be taken over by robots: drivers, medical data analysts, performing middle management chores, dispensing medicine, trade stock, and evaluating markets, etc. On the other side now, new challenges are being witnessed in highly skilled jobs.

Recent data has shown that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do equal or sometimes even better work than humans who are seismic testers, lawyers, doctors, dermatologists, accountants, and writers (soon through super intelligence Ph.D. theses would be prepared in a couple of hours), financial reporters, etc. The list has no end because every day new skills are being shifted on the list of AI’s menu. Keeping one thing in mind that many of the advances in biology, particle physics, quantum theory, electronics, computing, communications, and materials science are relatively recent. Decoding the human genome, discovering the Higgs boson, measuring gravitational waves, the micro manufacturing integrated circuits, developing the Internet, and the mass adoption of personal computers and smartphones have mainly all occurred in the past 10 to 30 years.


Our Vission

  • We are not here for profiting; we are here to unlock the talent of those bright starts whose talent without our support will extinguish. We believe that quality education is the right of every child, no matter where they come from. It is the core objective of our educational policy to provide every child with skills they need to realize their dream.


  • Our strength is that we have a group of highly professional person around the globe who are playing their role as think tank in this educational organisation. They are devising future promising educational policies. In our institution, there is no place for obsolete and outdated things. We believe in the moment and these think tanks are our eyes and ears. Due to their right qualification and experience they have capabilities to see the right things from lot of fog and mist and they are capable to listen the right things from loud rattling noise.


  • We are going through an era which is full of junk information from this ocean of junk information, they know exactly know where the golden part of information exits and they take that part for carers education of our children, and we implement into our educational institution per their directions. Their focus is on those sectors that will shape the future economy, this is team of passionate and dedicated person, and without passion no one can dare to demonstrate a long journey of thousands of miles.

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