Our Objective

At GLS, We strive to achieve the following core objectives:


Communication Competence

Either in their mother tongue or foreign language, the students should be able to express ideas, understand other cultural values; have the ability to appreciate the creative importance of ideas, experiences, and emotions in a range of media and its effects, literature, and arts.


Mathematical Scientific Competence

Help the sutdent attain sound mastery of numeracy, an understanding of the natural world and an ability to appy knowledge and technology to perceived human needs (such as medicine, transport or communication).


Social and Civic Competence

Build the ability in the students to participates effectively and constructively in one’s social and working life and engage in active democratic participation, especailly in increasingly diverse societies.


Digital Competence:

Develop the confident and official usage of information and communications technology for work, leisure, and communication in the students.


Sence of taking initiative and entrepreneurship

Inculcate the ability in the students to turn ideas into action through creativity, innovation and risk taking as well as ability to plan and manage projects.

GLS Facilities

Science Lab
Play Area
Robotic Lab