Ground Level School

We are serving children of all faiths. We believe that quality education is the right of every child, no matter where they come from.

It is the core objective of our educational policy to provide every child with the skills they need to realise their dream.

Our Ideology

We strongly believe that quality education is the right of every child, no matter where they come from. it is the responsibility of educationists to introduce timely reforms into the educational system to get excellent results. Add GLS, we focus on helping children learn skills and give the right education to each student’s talent. The GLS has collaborated to invest their contribution towards the said objective.

Living in a digital area coma it is important to provide children with an advanced education system that broadens their minds, helps them develop critical thinking, and equips them with the knowledge and tools to be prepared for tomorrow. GLS, we do our best to materialize that goal by creating an environment Characterised by learning with wisdom and digitalization

Creating A Community Of Life-Long Learners

Message from Principle

I would like to welcome you to Ground Level School’s website. We welcome children of all faiths and no faith to our caring and friendly school community. With such fantastic children and a strong school community we know that, by God’s grace, Ground Compuunity School will go from strength to strength.

Our Mission is to educate and empower the lives of



Children, Teachers, Parents




(5 Years - 5 Years)


(5 Years - 10 Years)


(10 Years - 14 Years)

Facts about GLS

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Passing Rate

Our students are brilliant in study and our passing rate is 99%.

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English Medium

All the courses taught in the school are English medium.

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Teaching Staff

We have high qualified and experienced teachers and staff.

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Students on Scholership

Ground Level School is paying tuition fees and expenses.


Join our noble project so you become a reason for the bright and promising future of these children.

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